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The Wilson County’s Got Talent 2013 show was quite a success! The audience loved it and it was fun working with all the talented folks we had in our show. The La Vernia Volunteer Fire Department even came straight from an out-of control brush fire (after they got it put out) and were in the show with “Cher”. They were great troopers. Our winner, 73 year old Italian, Domonick Marafioto, sang “That’s Amore’” and wore a pizza hat. He was fun. 2nd place went to the band “Ignite” with their rendition of “Radioactive”. Third place went to a young lady named Le Ann Yelton who sang “Memories” from “Cats”. One of our contestants, John Arrambide, was attempting to break the Guinness world record for balancing things….on his face! He got very close by balancing a 10 foot ladder on his chin, but had to quit short of the record for safety reasons. A very nice show. We thank our audience for being there and supporting all our talented performers.

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